Pipeline Rehabilitation Liner Method

Pipeline Rehabilitation Liner Method

Pipeline Rehabilitation – Liner Method

Build-up of blockages, cracks and leaks are some of the most common problems in drain and sewer pipes. No matter how new or old your home is, there will be a time when your pipes will require maintenance or repair.

If such a problem ever arises, don’t worry. There is a technology called CIPP (cured in place pipe), which restores damaged pipes from the inside by placing a new lining within the existing pipe. Most importantly, don’t forget that whatever the problem, we can quickly intervene and stop a leak from getting out of hand, without digging and damaging your floor.

All work is carried out inside the pipes, which means that we can safely repair any compromised area at any depth, but also extend the pipe’s life up to 50 years, since the new pipe created has twice the mechanical strength of the existing one.

Thanks to the innovative methods used here at Zavrantonas, we are able to offer you a guaranteed solution to your drainage problems.

Learn more information about the Liner method in the following video.

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