CCTV Drain & Pipe Inspection

Pipeline video inspection is a form of telepresence used to visually inspect the interiors of pipelines. In recent days, an inspection relating to sanitation has become an important feature of the management of sewer and drainage.

There are a wide range of different pipe inspection systems used, each of which is useful for different dimensions or circumstances. Using the necessary equipment and appropriate control system, we can spot the exact source of the problem. Using endoscopic cameras to inspect drainage pipes, ducts and gutters is the most reliable way to assess the situation, diagnose problems, and prevent worst-case scenarios.


Diameter range:

We can inspect:

Diameter range:

We can identify:

At the end of each inspection, the findings are evaluated so that we can suggest the appropriate repair solution.

The inspection systems our company uses meet all the specifications of the “Manual of Sewer Condition Classification” for coding defects according to national standards.

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Pushcam System

The Pushcam System is a lightweight, handy, easy-to-use, high-resolution colour camera system used for inspecting pipes of a diameter range 35mm to 150mm. Its small size makes it ideal for optical, non-destructive inspection of sewage and industrial pipes, as well as in-house facilities such as swimming pools, washbasins, and toilets.

It is an optical inspection system for sewage water and industrial inspection. Inspection for in-house facilities, as for swimming pools, washbasins, toilets etc.

This mini-camera system can help us detect the presence of any abrasions, deformations and bonded deposits that are situated, in elbowed pipes, narrow pipes as well as places that are hard to reach, non-approachable or even dangerous.

Detected damages can be stored as pictures and/or as video directly to the SD-card and then transferred to a PC.

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Robotic Camera System

ECO-Star 400, the Robotic Camera system, is manufactured by Wolfgang Rausch GmbH & Co, is installed in a CCTV Pipe Inspection Van and can be used to inspect pipelines of a diameter range 100mm – 1800mm.


The ECO-Star 400 can help us detect:

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